FRONTIERS Virtual Visits to Virgo Gravitational Wave detector for Students

Dear colleagues,

The FRONTIERS team in collaboration with the Virgo Experiment, true to its goal to help introduce students to Nobel Prize Physics, organizes a series of Virtual Visits to the Virgo facilities in Pisa, Italy. You can register here.

What will happen?

Your students will be introduced to gravitational wave astronomy and will be guided by expert scientists in a remote tour to Europe’s greatest gravitational wave astronomy facility.

They will have the opportunity to discuss with scientists working in Virgo, pose their questions and learn about the great discoveries taking place there.


The visits will be organized in the following time slots with a duration of two school hours per slot (time in CET). Αll the slots will be found in the relevant registration form:

– Saturday 15th May: 11.00 – 12.30 CET

– Saturday 22nd May:  11.00 – 12.30 CET

What is the registration deadline?

The sooner you register the better. Registrations will have to be completed two days before the desired date.

How do I register my school?

In order to book a visit and register your school, click on this link and fill the registration form.

How do I join the visit?

Upon successful registration you will receive a zoom link for the visit. The link is to be shared only to you and your students that will attend. However, due to the high demand and limited slots please take into account that more than one schools may be visiting in parallel using the same zoom link.

What will be the spoken language?

The spoken language will be English.

To what age of students does this activity apply?

The visit will be optimal for high school students. However, this doesn’t exclude other student ages also.

What are the obligations from my side?

From your side, you will have to make sure that students fill this pre questionnaire 2 days before the event (and ideally before giving them an introductory lecture) and this post questionnaire 2 days after the event. You will also have to supply us with a report regarding your observations of the students. Both pre- and post- questionnaires are mandatory for your participation to the visit.

As a next step, the FRONTIERS team is offering the students the opportunity to run a follow-up activity in order to obtain a certificate. If you are interested, please contact us at 

How can I find preparatory material ?

We encourage you to browse the proposed resources here and set up a short introductory presentation for your students. The proposed resources include targeted resources to facilitate an introductory presentation from your side, as well as reference material for you to explore: presentations, video recordings of workshops for teachers taking place in the FRONTIERS summer school, as well as a prior virtual visit.

We are looking forward to collaborating with you,

With best regards,

the FRONTIERS team.

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