High Energy Physics


High Energy Physics is the field of Physics studying elementary particles and their interactions. According to the most successful theoretical model, the Standard Model, matter can be described on the basis of the six quarks and six leptons that are the fundamental building blocks which interact through the strong and the electroweak forces (gravity is not described in this model) that are transmitted via gauge bosons, the force mediating particles. To help research these topics, CERN, the largest research infrastructure dedicated to fundamental research has been constructed. CERN operates a complex of particle accelerators, most prominent of which is the Large Hadron Collider (LHC): through them, protons and heavy ions are accelerated to speeds close to the speed of light and collide. Dedicated large multipurpose detectors analyze the particles produced in these collisions and help scientists understand the nature of matter, interactions as well as search for Physics beyond the Standard Model. If you want to learn how you can bring this exciting subject to your classroom, we invite you to explore cutting edge educational resources (Demonstrators) developed by the FRONTIERS project team in 5 languages. You can also find selected activities developed by teachers of the FRONTIERS Community.


Discover the Z and Higgs Bosons

How to Accelerate Particles

Study data from the Large Hadron Collider

The Magnetic Field and its Applications

Mass-Energy Equivalence

Teacher Activities

The acceleration of subatomic particles

Authors: Cohen Anișoara Nuți, Anițaș Cornelia Lăcrămioara, Lazăr Alina Ștefania

Link to the activity

Energy, mass and other exploding concepts in Physics

Authors: Dr. Kyriazopoulou Sophia,  Santos Graça  Koutsouli  Aspasia

Link to the activity

Drawing Particle Interactions

Authors: Zarmpoutis Dimitrios, Tsirigoti Georgia

Link to the activity

Playing with my new best friend: Molecule and Atom

Authors: Psaridou Vasiliki

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