Gravitational Wave Astronomy


Gravitational waves are perturbations of space-time curvature propagating at the speed of light. The waves are generated when something that involves a rapid change of compact mass-energy distributions happens in the Universe.  Then, the waves travel through the Universe and they arrive on Earth, often after a travel of hundreds of millions of years. Gravitational Waves offer us a new observational window to the Universe, helping us understand cataclysmic cosmic phenomena such as Binary Black Hole or Neutron Star Mergers, as well as test fundamental Physics such as the General Theory of Relativity in strong Gravity environments. If you want to learn how you can bring this exciting subject to your classroom, we invite you to explore cutting edge educational resources (Demonstrators) developed by the FRONTIERS project team in 5 languages. You can also find selected activities developed by teachers of the FRONTIERS Community.


Finding Black Holes in a Chirp

Gravitational Wave Noise Hunting

Discovering and building a Michelson interferometer

Earthquake interferometer

EGO Control (Class)room

The Pendulum: From Cooking Spaghetti to a Gravitational Wave Detector

Virgo Virtual Visits

Teacher Activities

Finding black holes in a chirp
Authors: Jasenka Celic, Fabiola Muriel Salinas Dias, Jenny Jansson, Paul Cristian Palma Galvez, Iuliana Roman, Otilia Sofron
Link to the activity

Measurements of variations of distances with high precision and accuracy
Authors: Sławomir Miernicki,  Mirela Tomljanovic, Maria Margarida Moreira, Maria Tsakiri, George Koutsoumpos
Link to the activity

Discovering the Michelson interferometer
Authors: Daniel Toomey, Iro Koliakou, Teresa Ramos, Teresa Paiva
Link to the activity

The Pendulum and Gravitational Wave Detector
Authors: Myrto Apostolou, Barbara Finato, Eva Paňková, Wilson Canelo Peňa, Moulay-Badr Attaiaa
Link to the activity

Creating a Visual Identity text Referring to Gravitational Wave Observation
Authors: Marina Molla, Isabel Borges, Daniela Zampieri & Athanasia Drevenitsou
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Other Resources

Recorded Virtual Visit to the Virgo Gravitational Wave Detector

Keynote Speech: The art and science of Gravitational Waves

Prof. Stavros Katsanevas, Director of EGO


Workshop on Gravitational Waves and related FRONTIERS educational activities

Dr. Valerio Boschi, INFN/Virgo


Workshop on Gravitational Waves and Citizen Science

Emmanuel Chaniotakis, Jens Koslowsky, Ellinogermaniki Agogi

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