FRONTIERS first teacher challenge: Draw me a Neutrino

Welcome to the first Teacher Challenge for the FRONTIERS Project! Throughout the project, we will announce several challenges, in which you can participate to win prizes and international FRONTIERS badges. Each challenge will be different. This is the first one! Important: The deadline has been moved to the 31st of March, 2020!

➡️ Name of challenge: Draw me a Neutrino

➡️ Description of challenge:
What do we need you to do? “We need you to draw a neutrino! How does it look like? Which shape, colour, and texture does it have? How do you picture it in your mind?”
Visit this link to find out more about the “Draw me a Neutrino” Challenge : 
The deadline is March 30 2020!

➡️ How to participate:
a. If you are a teacher motivated to participate in this competition, fill the relevant information requested in this link: and make sure to check the box for the FRONTIERS contest in order to be eligible for the FRONTIERS prize.

b. If you or your students participate in the competition make sure to send us a confirmation email to: saying your name, school and age of students and receive your badge! Remember that only one drawing per person can be submitted. You can submit a drawing yourself or you can have one or more students of yours to submit their drawing.

➡️ In which category can you submit?:
a. If you submit as a teacher (adult) you will participate to the tau neutrino contest.
b. If you are a high school teacher and one or more of your students participate in the challenge, they need to submit in the muon neutrino section.
c.If you are a primary school teacher and one or more of your students participate in the challenge, they need to submit in the electron neutrino section.

➡️What can you win?:
All participants that are also part of FRONTIERS will win a FRONTIERS badge. The three winners of the FRONTIERS challenge will win a Michelson Interferometer Kit by NIKHEF for your school.
Furthermore, the winners of the general challenge can win an iPad, name one of the KM3NeT telescope detectors, and have the drawing shown at the « Art&Science » exhibition in Naples, Italy.

➡️ How can I learn more about neutrinos?

You can visit the following links to learn more:



? The present challenge takes place in the framework of the “Draw me a Neutrino” competition, organized by the KM3NeT collaboration for deep underwater neutrino astronomy and supported by the Centre National pour la Recherche Scientifique, l’Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare, the European Union’s Erasmus+ FRONTIERS program and the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Sklodowska-Curie grant agreement No 844138.

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