First FRONTIERS online teacher training workshop in Greece

On May 13, 2020, the IASA team of FRONTIERS in Greece with the support of EA and DCU organized an online teacher training workshop for Greek teachers. with the participation of 20 highly motivated secondary and primary school teachers. This is the first of a series of online teacher training workshops that the FRONTIERS team will organize in all participating countries as well as at an international level in the following period.

The workshop had a duration of 1.5 hours and included: a presentation was made by E. Chaniotakis (EA) to introduce participants to FRONTIERS; an overview of the project’s educational demonstrators by prof. C. Kourkoumelis (IASA); a detailed presentation of the “Cosmic Ray Muons”(IASA), “Hubble Expansion” (PCCP), and “Magnetic Field”(IASA) demonstrators from Prof. C. Kourkoumelis and S. Vourakis from the IASA team.
A discussion followed during which: teachers expressed their interest and their commitment to engage further in the FRONTIERS activities; they highlighted the potential to engage primary schools in these activities and shared ideas and content on how this could be done; they discussed the importance of introducing real data from cutting edge research to the classroom and introduce students to data analysis and uncertainties in measurements; they described barriers they face, especially in rural schools where students have far less opportunities to engage in authentic science activities. The participating teachers expressed their interest to engage in future online training activities of FRONTIERS.

The presentations of the workshop (in Greek) can be found here:

FRONTIERS: Φέρνοντας την έρευνα αιχμής στη Φυσική στη σχολική τάξη 

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